We take care of all the phases of the project

from planning to concrete implementation



We listen to your needs and study how your company could work abroad. We share the primary needs and interpret these in different scenarios



We estimate the feasibility: if concrete, we draw up a business plan detailed financial statement. We project it into scenarios from different countries to verify the best situation for the customer


Human resources

We provide the staff search that matches your specific requests for various reasons. From the manager to the specialized technician to the line operator. We will show you according to your needs if you develop a Plant in the Urban or Rural area

Governance & Participation

Together with the Customer the best managerial guide; of the new reality, we plan together to avoid any risk;. Thus being able to operate in full serenity. Together we create the most suitable corporate control;, making the various realities unified or separated


Logistics Industrial Plant Show Room Offices

We find or create the buildings suitable to host your company; thanks to our Agency network, engineers and designers; To the Construction company and the project managers, who will collaborate if necessary with the Client’s trusted professionals


National and European Structural Funds

We accompany you step by step in the evaluation, before the opportunity and its feasibility, until the goal is reached. In any case, we always keep you updated on the evolution of financial economic support with a dedicated newsletter to stimulate your business


Market research

If this is your project, we will analyze in brief the chosen Country market, based on commercial and economic parameters. Pointing to the subjects best suited to your solution. Accompanying you on B2B or OneToOne visits, trying to offer you the support that leads you to the most appropriate choice

JV e M&A

We will analyze with you the opportunities to identify the one with the features closest to your needs. At that point accompanying you in each phase of document analysis of interpretation of all the documents in different language, from the point of view Legal Fiscal

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